Hello, there!  I’m trying really hard to not think of this like my online dating profile.  I’m Debra.   I’m not a runner, I’m just a woman who really likes medals and anything shiny or sparkly that I can show off or brag about.  Since I can’t afford diamonds (yet) and haven’t found anymore to buy them for me, I started running races  in 2012.

I adopted a paleo diet in 2013 and after doing so, realized that not only do I love to eat but I REALLY love to cook.  And thankfully, the two really seem to go hand in hand.  I cook stuff (very often that includes bacon), then I eat it and then I’m really happy.  Except about the dishes I have to do.  Strangely enough, I’m actually pretty good at cooking.  My Dad is a chef, so perhaps it’s genetic.

And then, there’s my little monster.  Roxy is a 4.5 pound Yorkshire Terrier – she’s not a teacup – that isn’t a real breed and she’s got the papers to show she’s a purebred Yorkie.  She just happens to be the runt of a litter from two smaller sized yorkies.  I don’t have kids – she’s definitely my surrogate baby and she’s spoiled rotten.  And since she’s involved in everything in my life (except the actual running of the races or doing any dishes), you’ll see her cute little face and little pink nose throughout the blog.

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