Grandma’s Marathon Training – Week 5

Yowza – I’m a little behind this week.  With the amount of time I’m logging towards my training, it’s sometimes a struggle to find the time to get everything done.  I think if I could just hire someone to do my dishes every night and put my laundry away (it’s all workout clothes), I might be able to keep up with everything and still get a decent night’s sleep.  I’m trying to train Roxy to help around the house, but so far she’s not been much of a help.  Such a slacker, that four-pound dog of mine.


Just to remind you, I’m current training for Grandma’s Marathon in June using the Hanson’s Marathon Method training program, with a goal that is still TBD.  I have found this bog helps with accountability – it’s much harder to skip a run when I know I have to fess up online at the end of the week.  In addition to the blog, I post my daily workouts on Instagram. I also have linked up with other running blogs and reading about how other people are training and doing is also definitely helpful.  I’m currently joining a linkup with Courtney and some other fellow runners in training for Spring/Summer races.


  • Planned:  Orangetheory workout
  • Actual: Rest – I was coming down with a cold and I decided it was better to skip the workout and took the afternoon off work to sleep it off.


  • Planned:  3 miles – Easy Pace (between 10 – 11) + Strength/Weights – 1/2 hour
  • Actual: 3 miles @ 10:00 + Orangetheory workout with 15 Splat Points.  I was still fighting the cold, so I cancelled with my trainer, but I ended up doing an OT workout.  I also kept my run on the tread – super cold and windy, still!


  • Planned:  Rest Day
  • Actual:  4 miles @ 10:00.  Treadmill is starting to get old.  But, so is the wind outside and the cold was just about gone.


  • Planned:  Orangetheory workout +  Strength/Weights – 1/2 hour
  • Actual:  Orangetheory workout with 17 splat points and a very high intensity workout with my trainer


  • Planned:  5 miles – Easy Pace (between 10 – 11) + Orangetheory workout
  • Actual: 5 miles (2.5 through OT class and 2.5 on tread – multiple paces) + Orangetheory workout with 24  Splat Points.  OT had what’s called “Progressive Pushes” – meaning I kept increasing my push pace in the different blocks.  It was le hard, for sure!


  • Planned:  10 miles – Easy Pace (between 10 – 11)
  • Actual: 11.1 miles @ 10:15.  FINALLY – a run outside.  This was a nice, non-stressful run with my ARRC Crew – made a little longer when I had to run back to get my water bottle after snapping this picture.

IMG_9596 2


  • Planned:  4 miles – Easy Pace (between 10 -11) +Orangetheory workout
  • Actual:  3 miles (@9:55) + Orangetheory workout w/ 24 Splat Points.  The good news, since I ran a little extra on Saturday, I only had to run three today.  But, OT was a Power workout day and it was definitely an ass-kicker.

Weekly Summary

  • Mileage:  25 planned / 26.2 actual
  • OT Workouts:  3 planned (min 36 Splat Points) / 4 actual (80 Splat Points)
  • Strength/Weights: 2 planned / 1 actual

Mileage this Training Cycle To Date:   182.7 miles

So, this is the last “easy” week.   I know I haven’t made things easy on myself at all, but between the hard workouts and clean-eating, I am feeling pretty friggin’ good!  I’m tired, (but in a good way) but I still feel very strong and capable.

Big jump in mileage next week – along with adding in speed and tempo runs.

And I absolutely will be picking my goal pace for the marathon.



Running for Medals. And Bacon.

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