Starting Fresh!

2017 really wasn’t the greatest year for me – personally, professionally or health-wise.  I’m not going to recap my failures, disappointments or problems from last year – mostly because that’s just a big friggin’ drag for me to have to write about and I don’t wish to bum out the few of you who actually read this blog.  It was just a bad year – and now I’m ready for things to be different and make some changes in 2018.

I had a slow start this year, but I’ve started a marathon training cycle, I’ve made some changes to my workout regimen, and I’ve started a 30 day ketogenic cleanse as part of both trying to lose some weight, as well as becoming keto-adapted and not so dependent on carbs and sugars for fueling.  I’ve got some other changes I’m planning to make, but I don’t plan to blog about all of them.  At least not yet.

Current goals:

  1.  Diet:  Complete the 30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse and evaluate if this seems like a feasible/reasonable way of eating to continue with.
  2.  Marathon Training:  Using Hanson’s, train for Grandma’s Marathon in June.  Exact times are still TBD but I know that I will be shooting for a PR on my 4:32:38 time.
  3.  Weight-loss:  I’m not a huge fan of the scale or being concerned with actual weight. However, I know that I’m currently not happy with my current size, body fat percentage and the fact that I’m down to one pair of jeans that fit.  I know I’m not fat, nor do I have any misconceptions that I can have the rockin’ body I had in my 20’s and 30’s back, but I know that I can look and feel better about my body than I do right now.  I’ve let my diet slide and been inconsistent with workouts over the last year and it’s time to remedy that.  I haven’t set a goal weight, although I believe I should lose in the ballpark of 15 lbs.  I’m more concerned with losing inches and fitting back into certain items of clothes.  I think the goal here is going to be until I’m happy and comfortable with my body again.

So, those are my health and fitness goals I’m focusing on.  I’m going to try and blog regularly on how things are going.  I’ll also be posting pictures on my Instagram detailing my workouts, what I’m eating, and of course – my comically tiny dog.  Anyone else have some goals you’re focusing on??



Running for Medals. And Bacon.

4 thoughts on “Starting Fresh!

  1. I’m doing much the same. I started Keto a few weeks back, and so far, so good! I’m also getting back to my serious running starting tomorrow (I have a dinner and a dance lesson with my wife tonight that will keep me from starting today). I’m looking forward to watching your progress!!

  2. best of luck with your goals and training this year…last year was a very challenging year for me too physically and mentally as all my goal races evaporated with a ruptured and herniated disc – this year, i’m just looking to return to running and fitness as much as my back will allow…but i’m going to finish some races along the way as well, starting next weekend! good luck with hansons, it’s a great plan but very demanding…hopefully you’ll reap the rewards!

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