212DSD Jan 2018 – Day 2

Day two – I woke up feeling great!  Yesterday, I woke up feeling like I had a hangover, which is really annoying when I’m not drinking, but not uncommon for me on the first week of a detox.  I’m currently doing the 21 Day Sugar Detox, following the new daily guide and meal plans and blogging about the experience.  Most of my blog content is based on the daily logs from the new guide.  I’m also discussing what I modified and why (any kind of meal plan can’t be “one-size fits all”) as well as tracking my food and macros.  I’m not a calorie counter, but I do think it’s important for me to have an awareness of how much and what percentages I’m eating so it’s easier for me to make changes or adjustments if I start to see a loss of energy, weight-gain, etc.

Daily Meal Plan

Breakfast:  Banana Nut Smoothie + Hard Boiled Eggs.  A smoothie of nut butter, green tipped banana, almond milk and cinnamon.  YUM – that’s just basically happiness in a glass.  I added 2 tablespoons of whey protein to it, which was optional.  Breakfast called for two eggs but I only had one.  I drink collagen coffee every morning, which has more protein than one egg so I decided to reduce it to one.  Don’t mind the photo bomb by my comically tiny dog.


Lunch: Smokey Chicken Lettuce Boats.  The Smoky Spice blend is so good – I’ll definitely be using that post-detox.  This was a simple chicken salad (smoky spice blend, mayo, onions and celery) on romaine lettuce leaves with tomato (see main blog pic above.)  I definitely didn’t feel “full” after eating, although I wasn’t hungry either.  Then I watched the news tonight and saw the e-coli issue with Romaine…so if all of a sudden I go silent, you know why.

Snack: Smoky Nut Mix.  Apparently, today is all about the Smoky Spice blend – which is just fine by me.  This is cup of nuts of choice (I went with raw almonds and pecans – what I had in the cupboard) tossed and browned in olive oil and the spice blend.  I cut the portion by half as I still feel the amount of food on the meal plan is more than I need to eat.  However, I ran in the afternoon and ended up having to have a second snack because I was hungry and a few hours until dinner.  I ended up having some raw peppers.  I feel like I haven’t eaten a lot of veggies today and was actually craving them.


Dinner:   Ranch Chicken & Bacon Stuffed Potato.  This was leftovers from last night, although I realized I’d made a mistake in my recipe calculation.  I forgot to account for the weight of the bones.  Duh.  However, two pounds of chicken thighs for two portions seems to be a bit much FOR ME.  I’d probably use four thighs total next time (this time I used three.)  However, even so – I scaled dinner back by half, simply because of the visual of how much food it was.  I put the sweet potato (mashed up the baked potato) in the bowl – a little over 6 ounces –  and then topped with chicken, bacon, broccoli mixture.  That bowl holds two servings of soup and it was just about full, so I decided to stop adding the topping.  I can always have more if I’m still hungry, but my tendency to overeat (which I do ALL the time) happens because I put too much food on my plate.   So, we’ll see if I have an extra meal to freeze or if I end up having a late night snack.


Fruit: Banana (in the breakfast smoothie)

How I’m Feeling

Physically, I started out feeling great this morning but found myself by the afternoon feeling tired, getting a slight head-ache and my run felt AWFUL.  Granted, it was cold and windy outside, but I felt like I was dragging and pushing myself to keep a fairly slow pace.  I came home from my run and took a power nap – which I never do.  Days 3 – 7 (remember I’m actually on Day 4) of the detox can be brutal.

Mentally, was a little tougher today because I was tired.  Fortunately, I’m not experiencing the “I hate everyone” week 1 grumpiness.  Yet.

Prep and Cooking

Kitchen time was limited to making my smoothie and assembling/heating food and I have no prep for tomorrow to do.  I am digging the prep/cooking schedule and the “Easy” cooking days.  I know that when I’ve done this detox before (or Whole30), I felt like I was cooking ALL them time and doing dishes ALL the time.  Having this schedule will keep me from burning out in the kitchen, which leads to ordering food, which leads to SUGAR.  NO.


  • Running:  3 miles @ 10:24 pace

Today’s workout intensity was easy pace.  There was snow on the ground so I didn’t have much of a choice, plus as I said before, my ass was dragging. I decided to bag the core workout today because I was feeling so tired and cold after my run.  While my exercise schedule is important to me, I also need to be kind to my body this first week while it’s adjusting to the detox.

Nutritional Information and Macros

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 8.38.18 PM


Closing Out Day 2

I know I’m struggling with feeling comfortable about portions sizes on the meal plan.  I think this is mostly because one of my objectives in doing this is to lose the weight I’ve put on slowly over the last two years.  While I know that the weight gain is primarily due to and inconsistent diet with too many cheat days or glasses of wine, I also tend to eat more that I probably should because I LOVE food.


In addition to trying to clean up my eating and be more consistent with my diet in 2018, I’m trying to be more cognizant about portion control.  I know that in the book, the focus is more on making sure you’re getting enough of the right foods and sticking to the detox.  This focus on portions is really based on my own personal goals and not the 21DSD.

I’m interested to hear if you’re doing a detox or have any diet/eating related goals for 2018.  What are you doing to achieve them?



Running for Medals. And Bacon.

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