21DSD Jan 2018 – Day 1

I started today playing catch up on prep and cooking and I swear I’ve run the dishwasher three time today.  The meal plan has “Cooking Days” (days that you prep and cook a lot) and “Easy Cooking Days” which involve less cooking and simpler recipes.  Pre-detox Days 2 and 1, and DSD Day 1 are all Cooking Days and I did it all in 2 days.  I even skipped on making dressings and mayo since the Primal Kitchen products are 21DSD compliant.  So, if you’re going to follow the meal plan, definitely keep to the recommended prep schedule.  I LOVE to cook, but I’m very happy to be out of the kitchen tomorrow.  All I have to make a smoothie in the AM, which doesn’t really count as cooking.

Daily Meal Plan

Breakfast:  Sausage, Spinach and Peppers Frittata.  This was a super tasty breakfast but the portion size seemed a little big for me.  (It’s half of the dish below.)  I am keeping track of macros and calories and while I’m not doing that to count calories (I’m more doing this for awareness of my intake and nutrition) when I see that a serving for breakfast is going to be close to 600 calories, that just seemed like a bit much.  So, I ate half a portion and figured I could finish the second half of breakfast if I got hungry.   I didn’t.


Lunch:  Chicken Fajita Salad. Nice big salad for lunch with chicken, peppers and onions in an amazing tasting spice blend over lettuce with pico and avocado.  The only modifications I made was going heavier on the spice blend and leaving off the olive oil for dressing.  I’m not a huge fan of using oil on my salad and the lime juice I dressed it went great with the spice blend.


Snack:  Half avocado and veggies.  I didn’t get hungry in time to eat this today, even with a workout.  Although I was definitely hungry for dinner.

Dinner:  Ranch Chicken & Bacon Stuffed Potato.  A mixture of chicken thighs dusted in ranch spice blend (so good), broccoli, and bacon served atop a sweet potato with ranch dressing drizzled on top.  I don’t need to tell you how yummy this was, but I did have to reduce the chicken and sweet potato by half because it was just too much food.  I did not reduce the bacon because you NEVER reduce the amount of bacon in anything.  Ever.


Fruit: Green Apple.  Didn’t eat that either.  I’m just about ready for bed and I’m not hungry.  Two new things I’m trying to do with regards to eating: not overeat and not eat when I’m not hungry.

How I’m Feeling

Even though is this Day 1 of the meal plan, I’m technically on Day 3 and starting to feel a little of the typical detox symptoms.  Mostly just a few headaches and I’m unusually tired this evening.  This isn’t my first no-sugar rodeo – a few bumps in the road are expected in the first week.  But overall, I’m feeling pretty good physically and mentally very determined and committed.  No cravings or strong temptations.  Yet.

Prep and Cooking

Todays prep was much more involved because I was catching up.  I had to cook the frittata, the chicken fajita salad, chicken for meals later in the week, and prep a Cashew “Cheese” and a “Peanut” sauce – all which were have supposed to be done yesterday.  Today I would have only needed to cook dinner (which was fairly simple), make chicken salad for tomorrow and cook off some bacon.  I would have actually considered today a “Medium” cooking day had I not been behind.

I am excited because tomorrow is an Easy Day.  I don’t have to cook ANYTHING.  Actually, I don’t mind all the cooking.  It’s just all the damn clean up.


  • Running:  3 miles @ 9:28 pace
  • Strength: 1/2 hour circuit training
  • Core Workout: 10 minutes

Today’s workout intensity was average (not easy but not hard) and @ 600 caloric burn.  I was a little tired after my run for the circuit and core workout, but I would probably attribute that more to my lack of working out the last few months than the sugar detox.

Nutritional Information and Macros

**corrected from yesterday**

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 7.19.41 PM


Closing out Day 1

Tired.  Very tired.  Not sure if that’s the Detox, the workout of a combination of both but I’m really for bed.  That’s all I got!






Running for Medals. And Bacon.

8 thoughts on “21DSD Jan 2018 – Day 1

  1. I could eat all of that right now!…. but seriously I needed some good honest ideas about what to eat these days as I run every other day… and am eating way under what I’ supposed to and still look bloated…

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