Richmond Marathon Training – Week 10

Now that I know it’s game on for Richmond in 4:15, I decided to set a new goal this week. I want to hit my weekly mileage targets for the rest of training, with a less than one mile delta.  This gives me the freedom to cut out a recovery quarter mile or a half mile cool down when I need to, but provides a little structure so I don’t get too crazy or lenient. Give me an inch, and I’ll take five miles off my training plan.  I need rules to be successful.  True story.

This is my weekly marathon training recap.  I’m using the Hansons Marathon Method to train for the Richmond Marathon in November.  This is my 4th marathon and second time using the Hanson’s training to prepare.  I’m training for a 4:15 marathon this year, which is definitely a challenging goal for me (my current PR time is 4:32:36.)


  • Planned:  4 easy miles @ 10:15-11:30
  • Actual:  4 miles @ 10:20 – I literally did a grocery run.  I got home, ran 4 miles that stopped right in front of Harris Teeter, picked up food for dinner and walked home. It’s called time management, and it’s necessary when you are single and training for a marathon.



  • Planned:  6 easy miles @ 10:15-11:30 + gym workout
  • Actual:  4 miles @ 9:14 + 2 miles @ 10:38 + gym workout – Since I opted to not do any more speed work, I decided for a fast morning run as my SOS and then a few easy miles before working with the trainer.  I’m just trying mimic the effort of three SOS workouts without actually doing the speed work because I HATE SPEED WORK!


  • Planned/Actual:  Rest day!   Hell yeah!  I earned it!


  • Planned:  6 easy miles @ 10:15-11:30
  • Actual:  6.5 miles @ 10:55 – Treadmiles extended due to wrap up the end of a movie.  I highly recommend the Hunger Games movies to run on the tread – all the action and running lends itself to the activity.


  • Planned:  5 easy miles @ 10:15-11:30 + gym workout
  • Actual: 5.4 miles @ 11:07 + gym workout – did some treadmiles before spending quality time with my trainer.  It took a fair amount of mental bargaining to get this one done, but it happened.  I’ve really gotten that mental strength to squash the inner-lazy voice.  Feels pretty good.


  • Planned: 10 mile long run @ 9:53-10:30
  • Actual:  10 miles @ 10:15 – we had a nice teaser for fall weather last week, but the humidity came back for a final callback.  I was happy for good company with my running group because I wasn’t sure I had the mental gumption to get 10 done solo.


  • Planned:  13.1 miles with at least 8 tempo @9:30 – 9:40 as part of the Navy Air Force Half Marathon
  • Actual:  13.2 miles @ 10:07 – Holy crap – this was a hard run.  I was tired from the week to begin with and while it wasn’t hot, it was super humid and I always struggle with that.  When I started, I didn’t focus on the weather.  I just focused on my pace range and seeing friendly faces right before mile 6 (which is why mile 6 was so fast.)  Unfortunately, around the 6.5 mile mark the humidity and fatigue got the best of me and I walked for a minute or so try and regroup.  Then I would start running for a few minutes, I’d walk to regroup, run again, repeat…and that continued for the next few miles.  I finally got it back together after mile 9 and by 10, I was back to continuous easy miles.  My inner mantra was “just keep running, just keep running” – and saying it enough finally made it true.  At mile 11, there was a group cheering (I’m still trying to confirm who they were) who were so energetic and spirited that they hand-slapped me back into tempo pace.  My last two point one miles of the race were fast and I actually had to try and slow myself back into tempo range.  Next week, I need to do a non-race tempo run so I can try and determine my own ability to dial into tempo ranges.


Miles for the Week:

  • Planned:  46
  • Actual:  45.38

My mileage off was just a miscalculation on conversion of speed work and recovery laps. I’m ok with it as I’m feeling good about my training efforts.  Next week starts strength work – which means the OMFG phase of training is getting underway.  Eyes on the prize!  What keeps you going?


Running for Medals. And Bacon.

One thought on “Richmond Marathon Training – Week 10

  1. I hate speed work too, but I love speed work. That makes sense, right? But seriously, speed work can help you develop some good race day kick and I think that getting accustomed to the awful strain of 400s and 800s can help you be more comfortable with a challenging race pace. Keep it up 🙂

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