Richmond Marathon Training – Week 9

Nine weeks puts me at the halfway point of training.  Again.  Yes, I’m still a little bitter about Chicago, even if it was the right decision.  But I’m trying not to focus on what I’m NOT going to be doing this fall and what I WILL be doing.

This week was a really good one in terms of working on my mental strength and training discipline.  I’ve said it many times that head is my own worst enemy.  Whether it be self-doubt or that inner lazy slob that always wants to cut the run short or skip it all together, it’s more often that then my physical capabilities.

This is my weekly marathon training recap.  I’m using the Hansons Marathon Method to train for the Richmond Marathon in November.  This is my 4th marathon and second time using the Hanson’s training to prepare.  I’m training for a 4:15 marathon this year, which is definitely still a challenging goal for me (my current PR time is 4:32:36.)


  • Planned:  5 easy miles @ 10:15-11:30
  • Actual:  5 easy miles @ 10:52 – I was tired and really didn’t feel like running.  But I gritted my teeth and opted for a treadmill run.  While I hate the treadmill, on days like this it’s sometimes easier to zone out on Netflix to get it done.


  • Planned:  6 easy miles @ 10:15-11:30 + gym workout – I am still opting to not redo the speedwork.  Maybe next week.  Maybe….
  • Actual:  2 easy miles @ 10:00 + gym workout.  I got out of work late and didn’t get my run in before my workout with my trainer.  Unfortunately, the weight and strength training we did that day completely fatigued my legs.  This actually wasn’t a case of my lazy inner slob convincing me to cut my run short – my legs were totally spent. I adjusted my schedule to try and offset some of the missed mileage.


  • Planned/Actual:  Rest day!  And I was OH SO ready for it. My legs were sore as hell.  I really need to be careful about lifting too heavy for the remainder of training.


  • Planned:  13 mile long run @ 9:53 – 10:30 pace
  • Actual:  13 miles @ 10:08 – I was scheduled to do 15 miles for that week, but since I was doing a half marathon on Sunday as my tempo run, I shortened this one a little.  I split the run up with about 4 and half hours between them.  I don’t often do this, but getting 13 miles in during the week isn’t easy with the new job.


  • Planned:  5 easy miles @ 10:15-11:30
  • Actual: 5 miles @ 10:21 – I think I started to try and talk myself out this run before lunch time.  Just because I was tired.  But pretty much going forward, I’m going to always be tired –  that’s just not a good enough reason. I got home from work and immediately got into running gear and headed out before I could change my mind. I also tried to rationalize cutting a mile or two off the planned mileage, but I shut that down, too.  I have plan for a reason and I need to stick to it.  Plus, I told myself I could have wine if I got it done since I didn’t have an early long run.


  • Planned: 7 easy miles @ 10:15-11:30
  • Actual:  7 miles @ 10:34 – I manned the water-stop for my running group’s 22 mile run early and then got my miles in late morning.  I love that fall weather has come back!  When you know your friends are all out running 22 miles, 7 doesn’t feel so bad.


  • Planned:  13.1 miles with at least 8 tempo @9:30 – 9:40
  • Actual:  13.1 miles @ 9:42 – I ran the Parks Half Marathon for this run, which is a really enjoyable course.  The pace for a 4:15 marathon is actually 9:44 but since I tend to not run consistent splits, having a pace range to target that’s slightly faster seems to work better for me.  With regards to the run, I didn’t sleep well the night before and had some serious tummy issues. On my way to the race, I started to think that maybe I should just run easy.  But I once again shut my head down – how ridiculous is it for me to quit a run that I haven’t even started?  I kept to plan finished the first eight within or slightly under target tempo range.  PS – tempo runs that end with medals are AWESOME!

Miles for the Week:

  • Planned:  47
  • Actual:  45

I’m feeling good about recovering this training cycle and while I’m exhausted, I’m also feeling strong and motivated going into the second half.  Now that race season is here and the marathons are starting, how are you feeling about your goal race(s)?




Running for Medals. And Bacon.

4 thoughts on “Richmond Marathon Training – Week 9

  1. Great job! Way to stay close to your plan, even on tired legs. I think much of the intent of Hanson’s is to get you used to running that way. As you know, it’s an inevitable feeling on marathon day.

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