Richmond Marathon Training – Week 8?

Last week, I blogged about being on the fence about continuing with marathon training this year.  I was giving myself a week to make a command decision.  I wanted to see how it felt running a 40 mile week with two SOS runs after not running for almost two weeks.  I also wanted to make sure that I was mentally ready to check back into training mode and run six days a week.

This is my weekly marathon training recap.  I’m using the Hansons Marathon Method to train for the Richmond Marathon in November.  This is my 4th marathon and second time using the Hanson’s training to prepare.  I’m now training for a 4:15 marathon this year, which is definitely still a challenging goal for me (my current PR time is 4:32:36.)


  • Planned:  5.5 easy miles @ 10:15-11:30.
  • Actual:  5.6 miles @ 10:43 – I saved a GoT episode for the treadmill.  Good call.  I felt like I was right there running with John Snow.


  • Planned:  2 easy miles 10:15-11:30 + gym workout.
  • Actual:  2 miles @ 9:59 + half hour at the gym with my trainer.


  • Always a rest day.  Always the best day!


  • Planned:  5 miles tempo @ 9:44 + 1 mile wu/cd (7 miles)
  • Actual:  7 miles @ 10:34 – I started out this run and immediately has some knee pain, which is related to my IT band.  It wasn’t bad enough to make me feel the need to stop but I did opt to keep my pace mostly in the easy range.  I did a few faster miles and I still got the total planned mileage for the day.  I’m thinking that this is probably related to going from 13 days of no running to a 40 mile week and that I need to be spending a lot of quality time with the foam roller.


  • Planned:  6.5 easy miles @ 10:15 – 11:00.
  • Actual: 5 miles @ 9:38 + 2 miles @ 10:15 – well, hello tempo run!  I went out for a lunchtime run and the weather was so friggin’ fabulous that I wasn’t really paying attention to my pace.  When I realized at around mile 3 that I was running in my tempo range (a little faster actually) – I decided to make it a tempo for five and then slowed down to easy pace for the last two.   I’d worn my Richmond hat…..coincidence??



  • Planned:  12 mile long run @9:53-10:30.
  • Actual: 12 miles @ 10:15 – Thanks to Hurricane Harvey, we had a little bit of rain.  I was going to running group and part of me was hoping no one from my pace group would be there so I could just do the 6 mile route. I HATE running the rain. But, one gal showed up and left me without a good excuse to not run 12 miles. We actually lucked out and the weather eased up and I even ran a negative split.



  • Planned: 6.5 miles easy @ 10:15 – 11:00.
  • Actual:  6.5 miles @ 10:16 – A humid, but thankfully not hot, recovery run.

Miles for the Week:

  • Planned:  40
  • Actual:  40

My goals for the week were to run six days and hit 40 miles without significant pain and I’ve accomplished both.  However, I think I made my mind up a few days ago about whether or not I’m going to go for Richmond. I don’t want 2017 to be the year I didn’t run a marathon.   I want it to be a year I got a new marathon PR.**

** imagine inspirational music playing in the background.  Or maybe this?





Running for Medals. And Bacon.

10 thoughts on “Richmond Marathon Training – Week 8?

  1. Congratulations to you! First, that was a great week of training but more importantly, I’m happy to see that you are going to continue your training. If you stay pain free, you will have an awesome training cycle. Best of luck to you!

  2. I read your last post and never got around to commenting. I’m registered for Chicago and Richmond – not deferring my Chicago race, but just planning to run it for fun and focus on Richmond now. I like looking at my training schedule now and realizing I have a lot more weeks than it claims! Good week back to running, looks like the weather is going to start to be much nicer which will definitely bring a positive change to training.

  3. HEY! I’m going to be running the Richmond Marathon as my first marathon! I’m using a Jack Daniels Running Formula plan for my training but the mileage looks similar. It look like your training is going well! Good luck 🙂

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