Chicago Marathon Training Recap – Week 3

I’m running….behind.  Little marathon training humor, there.  It’s kind of been a crazy, busy week and since my training last week wasn’t so hot, this post got deprioritized.  I’ll make it short and sweet.   Kind of like my mileage ended up being (I just got jokes today.)

This is my weekly marathon training recap.  I’m using the Hansons Marathon Method to train for the Chicago Marathon in October.  This is my 4th marathon and second time using the Hanson’s training to prepare.  I’m training for a 4:00 marathon this year, which is definitely a challenging goal for me (my current PR time is 4:32:36.)


  • Planned:  NADA. Zilch. Zero.
  • Actual:  Rest day!!!  This was actually my first complete rest day in June and it was friggin’ glorious.


  • Planned:  Strength work
  • Actual:  Half hour with the trainer and burpees (up to 30…and they are still HARD.)


  • Planned:  3 miles @ 10 – 11:15 pace
  • Actual:  Did not run – ate some questionable chicken that ended up putting me down for the day.  I did get my 32 burpees in that morning at least.


  • Planned:  4 miles @ 10 – 11:15 pace + strength work
  • Actual:  5 miles @ 10:07 – I was trying to make us some of the mileage I missed on Wednesday + hour with my trainer + 34 burpees.


  • Planned:  4 miles @ 10 – 11:15 pace + burpees
  • Actual:  5 miles @ 10:02 – made up another mile from Wednesday + 36 burpees.


  • Planned:  6 miles @ 9:45 – 10:00 pace in a SPORTS BRA
  • Actual:  6 miles @ 9:50 done sans shirt.  It was National Sports Bra Squad Day – and in support and solidarity of bad-ass women everywhere, I ran through DC without a shirt on.  I was super-comfortable at first, but then the life-sucking heat and humidity distracted me and I completely forgot about it.   Followed the run with 38 burpees.  Those suckers are starting to really add up.

IMG_1479 2


  • Planned:  4 miles @ 10 – 11:15 pace – and I was planning to run 1 extra to make up the last from my missed run on Wednesday.
  • Actual:  Did not run.

I’m super irritated with myself for skipping a run – especially because I had put in the effort to try and make up the mileage from Wednesday.  This is honestly also part of the reason I delayed blogging about it.  I do this blog for accountability and it’s doesn’t feel so great to own a decision that wasn’t a great one.  But, I’m owning it.  And now moving on. Missing 5 easy miles this week isn’t going to derail anything, but I DO need to remember that sub-4 marathon runners probably don’t make a habit of skipping runs because they’d rather have fun at brunch and go see Wonder Woman.  And let’s face it, Wonder Woman DEFINITELY wouldn’t skip a run.  Unless she had to save the world.

Miles for the Week:

  • Planned:  21
  • Actual:  16

Miles this Training Cycle:  56.08


  • Miles Week 2:             20.6
  • Miles Week 1:             20.2




Running for Medals. And Bacon.

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