Chicago Marathon Training – Week 1 Recap

I’m laughing at myself because it’s only Week 1 and I almost talked myself out of mileage today.  Oh, that would have been a GREAT start to training!   See, I’d added extra mileage each week to the plan for the initial five week build-up.  Part of my rationale was that I was at 17 miles for the week, which was well over the planned 10 miles for week 1 that’s in the book. I even considered (in the middle of my run this morning) going back and changing my plan for week 1 so it was only 17 miles.  True story.

Now, I don’t want to give any more of the recap away….you’ll have to wait to see if I did it or not.

This is my weekly marathon training recap.  I’m using the Hansons Marathon Method to train for the Chicago Marathon in October.  This is my 4th marathon and second time using the Hanson’s training to prepare.  I’m training for a 4:00 marathon this year, which is definitely a challenging goal for me (my current PR time is 4:32:36.)


  • Planned:  No mileage; strength training.
  • Actual:
    • Strength:  I’ve been doing these monthly challenges with some of the peeps in my running group.  I was finishing up the “Buns and Guns” this week and we started a Burpee challenge for June.  That translated to 25 push-ups (in a row, on toes), 45 squats and 10 burpees.  Burpees are HARD!


  • Planned:  No mileage; strength training.
  • Actual:
    • Strength:  35 dips, 35 lunges (each leg), 10 burpees and abs/core work (one of my June goals is to do ab work 5x/week.)


  • Planned:  3 miles @ 10:15 – 11:00; strength training.
  • Actual:
    • Mileage:  3 miles @ 9:17 – I mentioned in my training plan that I would try to get in some “tempo-ish” runs in as part of my mileage build-up.  This isn’t my tempo pace and that’s not what I set out to do, but I just kind of fell into a faster pace and went with it.
    • Strength:  Followed the run with gym work with my trainer + 30 pushups and 50 squats.  Burpees was a rest day…yaaaay!


  • Planned:  No mileage; strength training.
  • Actual:
    • Strength:  40 dips, 40 lunges and 12 burpees.  Did I mention burpees are HARD?  But this was the last day of the “Buns & Guns”!  I did it!


  • Planned:  4 miles @ 10:15 – 11:00, strength work
  • Actual:
    • Mileage:  3 miles @ 9:50 – so I didn’t wake up early enough to run and ended up running @ 4:00ish.  It was a tad bit hot, so this was one those runs where I ran for a bit…paused to take a pic….ran some more…..paused for a drink….you get the idea.  I definitely struggle with heat and I’m not quite acclimated to it yet.  I didn’t realize until after I’d stopped that I was supposed to do 4 miles today but you know how it is when you have stopped running and mentally celebrated that you are done. You just CAN’T get started again at that point.
    • Strength: 12 burpees and ab/core work.


  • Planned:  8 miles @ 10:15 – 11:00; strength training.
  • Actual:
    • Mileage:  8 miles @ 10:10 – I run with my running group on Saturdays because Saturday is LONG RUN DAY and it’s so much better when you have friends to support, push and/or suffer with you.  I’m don’t officially start long runs for a few weeks according to my training plan, which is why the pace is still at easy.  This week we ran 4 miles up a big-ass, rolling hill…and then we ran back down it. Definitely a challenging run – I was pleased with my pace and effort.
  • Strength:  Did my 14 burpees after the run…so NOT fun.  Plus abs/core work.


  • Planned:  6 miles (5 + 1 missed from Friday) @ 10:15 – 11:00, strength work
  • Actual:
    • Mileage:  3 miles @ 10:25 + 3 miles @ 10:00 – I got up early to run and I headed out to do six and just wasn’t feeling it and just got three in.  BUT, after a few hours I talked myself into hitting the treadmill and getting in those last few miles.  Some self-shaming was involved, but those miles got done!
    • Strength:  14 burpees and abs/core work.  The burpees are so not getting any easier.

So, I did keep with my planned 20 miles for the week.  My legs are a little achy, but I’m thinking that may be the burpees.  Burpees are HARD!  Did I mention that?  I know that I’m doing more strength training than I have in previous years but I’ll lay off if it starts to be too much once the mileage builds.  For now, I think it’s a good supplement to the running.

Hope your training is starting well!  How do you get yourself over the “I don’t wanna” voices and rally to keep yourself on track?


Running for Medals. And Bacon.

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