Frederick Half Marathon Training – Week 9

I’m at the halfway point and I’m feeling pretty damn good about how things are coming along with my training.   I don’t have any fears or concerns about running distances.  I know I can run far and for a long time – been there, done that.  It’s this whole running distances faster and for specific times that is mentally daunting.  It’s definitely a lot harder (both physically and mentally) and requires more so much more effort.  I go back and forth on how important it is to me to run faster and therefore train harder, and apparently, it is.  Sometimes it’s exhausting being me.  Literally.

Just as a reminder, I’m training for the Frederick half marathon in May using the Hanson’s half marathon training program, with a goal of a sub-2:00 PR.  I have found this helps with accountability – it’s much harder to skip a run when I know I have to fess up online at the end of the week.  In addition to the blog, I post my daily workouts on Instagram. I also have linked up with other running blogs and reading about how other people are training and doing is also definitely helpful.  I’m currently joining a linkup with Courtney and some other fellow runners in training for Spring races.

Ok, so before I start my recap, I DID redo this week from the original schedule.  I was scheduled to run a 10K on Sunday, so I shifted things around to run my tempo as part of that.


  • Planned:  Rest Day
  • Actual:  Rest Day – I was really tired from last week so when I replanned my week last Sunday, I was not sad about moving up the rest day again.  I’ve been taking Monday rest days though and I need to get back to Wednesdays, which means I’m going to have to suck it up next Monday (tomorrow) and get in some recovery miles to get me back on my schedule.


  • Planned:   5 easy miles @ 10:30 – 11:30 + 1 hour cross-training (gym)
  • Actual:  5.39 miles  @ 11:01 + 1 hour cross-training – since I was going to run my tempo as part of the race on Sunday, today was easy miles.  However, my trainer seemed to sense this and put us through an ass-kicking workout that was lower body intensive.   I know it’s beneficial for my running but sometimes I really don’t like him on days like this.


  • Planned:   5 easy miles @ 10:30 – 11:30
  • Actual:  4.61 miles @ 10:49 – yeah….I didn’t want to run.  At all.  So, I kept it to the bare minimum to keep with the weekly mileage total.  Sometimes, it’s just about that.  Plus I was sore, thanks to my trainer.


  • Planned:  Speed workout 5 x 1 K with 600 rest @ 8:25 – 8:47 pace
  • Actual:  6 x 800 with 400 rest @ 8:41 (on tread) with the last one @ 8:32  – I’ll be honest, the speed workouts are the ones I like the least.  I’d skipped the last two and facing the 1Ks just seemed too much, so I decided (the day before the workout…not 5 minutes before) that I’d do the 800’s and see how that went.  I was seriously in mental anguish all day about it (I didn’t run until the evening) but once I got going, it wasn’t as horrific as I’d been building it up.  Sure, it’s hard. But doable.  I did cut my cool down mileage short but it was such a mentally hard workout, I was just relieved to get through the “hard” miles.



  • Planned:  6 easy miles @ 10:30 – 11:30 + 1 hour cross-training (gym
  • Actual:  6.9 miles @ 10:11 – I decided on Friday that I was going to shoot for a PR on Sunday, so I changed my plan for once again and ran a little more today to try to make up for some mileage.  My trainer really had it out for us this week – another ass kicking workout with profanity ensued.


  • Planned:  6 miles @ 9:53 – 10:15 – “short” long run
  • Actual:  6 miles @ 10:13 – I know that I can run 10 miles at my long run pace. However, since I wasn’t as sure about my PR pace (which was basically a sub-9:00), I decided to shorten the long run and give my legs 24 hours of rest before the 10K on Sunday.  I decided that if I didn’t PR, I would make up the 4.8 miles I’d shorted myself for the week.  That seemed fair to me as well as excellent motivation.



  • Planned:  6.2 race miles @ 9:00 or 10.8 miles – exact breakdown TBD based on how I did in the race
  • Actual:  6.28 miles @ 8:33 (per my Garmin) – my race time was 8:41 because I had to stop and tie my shoe during the first mile, but I not only hit a PR – this pace predicts a 1:59:00 half marathon finish.  While that doesn’t guarantee anything in 9 weeks, it really gave me a huge boost of confidence and satisfaction.


I’m going to do a race recap in the next day or two because I definitely learned a few things in my first race of 2017.  All in all, this was a great week – even though I didn’t make my mileage goal.  It’s not always about that, you know?  I’m thrilled about the PR and glad I decide to go for it.  I’m feeling like I’m so going to be ready for my PR half in May.

Total Miles for the Week:  

  • Planned: 40 miles
  • Actual:  35.2 miles – I’m a little short but that’s my reward for a PR race!!

Total Miles for this Training Cycle (and the year):  235 miles

Spring races are starting this month – how are you feeling in terms of your goals?  Have a great week!!



Running for Medals. And Bacon.

8 thoughts on “Frederick Half Marathon Training – Week 9

  1. Fantastic job on your 10K! It looks like the hard work is paying off! I have my first half marathon of the year this weekend and I’m nervous but excited to see how things will go on race day!

  2. I ran the Frederick Half 2 years ago and loved it! It’s very well-organized from packet pickup to finish, and I had a lot of fun running it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I have a post about it on my site if you want to check it out. Good luck!

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