Frederick Half Marathon Training – Week 7

One of best and the worst things about running, is the time it gives you to think.  I have done some of my best thinking on solo runs.  I’ve thought through work problems; figured out what I was going to say in a difficult conversations; and also had some good life reflections while ticking off mileage. However, thinking is not always a positive force.  If I’ve done something stupid and I’m disappointed in myself, or if I’m not in a happy place – too much thinking time isn’t so good.  This is why it’s important to schedule runs with friends…no one should think over 30 miles a week.

Unfortunately, all my thinking time had bred some serious negativity and I let it fester and get the best of me this week.  Negativity feeds itself, too.  I get in a funk and talk myself out of a run and then I’m even more funked out because I skipped the run, which makes it that much easier to try and talk myself out of the next run.  Or talk myself into eating my weight in gluten-free pizza.

However, good week or bad week…I still need to do this.  I’m training for the Frederick half marathon in May using the Hanson’s half marathon training program, hopefully for a new PR.  I have found this NORMALLY helps with accountability – it’s much harder to skip a run when I know I have to fess up online at the end of the week (which is now what I have to do.)  In addition to the blog, I post my daily workouts on Instagram. I also have linked up with other running blogs and reading about how other people are training and doing is also definitely helpful.  I’m currently joining a linkup with Courtney and some other fellow runners in training for Spring races.


  • Planned:  4 easy miles @ 10:30 – 11:30
  • Actual:  Did not run.  No excuses here – I just let negativity win today and unfortunately, I think I mentally checked out of “training mode.”


  • Planned:  8 x 600 strength workout + 1.5 wu/cd + 1 hour gym workout
  • Actual:  4.5 easy miles @ 10:34 + 1 hour gym workout – mentally I just didn’t have a strength workout in me.  I pretty much in an “F everything – don’t care mode” of thinking at this point – getting myself to the gym and getting the missed run in from the previous day would have to do.


  • Planned:  Rest
  • Actual:  Rest – I should have made up the missed run.  I just wasn’t there yet.


  • Planned:  3 Mile tempo @ 9:09 + 1.5 wu/cd + 1 hour gym workout
  • Actual:  5.25 miles @ 10:02+ 1 hour gym workout – something is always better than nothing.  No excuses – I was just still mentally checked out of training mode.


  • Planned:   4 easy miles @ 10:30 – 11:30
  • Actual:  3.25 easy miles @10:03 – this day was actually the turning point.  I didn’t run until the evening and I was exhausted.  Being negative and down on yourself is really taxing both physically and emotionally – but I made myself run and for some reason, that made me feel a little bit better.  I made an ambitious plan for Saturday morning’s run after I was done, which was a good sign.


  • Planned: 10 mile long run @ 9:53 – 10:15 with three of the miles @ 9:09 tempo pace
  • Actual: 10 miles for the day with average pace of 9:50.  Tempo miles were 8:40, 9:02;8:48 – normally I run with a group on Saturdays but I honestly wasn’t ready to share, nor did I want to subject anyone to my negativity.  I did the first 6.5 miles outside – including the tempo miles.  My paces for those miles were a little fast – I was running  on a slight decline so I intentionally ran faster.  I finished off the remaining 3.5 miles on the treadmill about 2 hours later.  Once again, the pre-run smoothie resulted in me needing to “return to base” earlier than expected.  That’s the last time I have a smoothie before a long run.


  • Planned:  6 easy miles @ 10:30 – 11:30
  • Actual:  8 miles @ 10:36 – so the run on Saturday kicked my ass a little more than I expected it to.  I was really tired Saturday night and I woke up on Sunday and definitely felt it in my legs.  I had toyed with the idea of trying to do my strength workout and I knew that wasn’t going to happen.  So, I just ran the mileage of the strength workout instead.

Total Miles for the Week:  

  • Planned: 37 miles
  • Actual:  31 miles

Total Miles for this Training Cycle (and the year):  164.7 miles

By Sunday, I wasn’t out of the funk quite yet, but I was getting there.  It took me until today to finally shake it off completely.  Looking back on the week, I wish I’d been able to be stronger than I was – but there isn’t much I can do about it now.  Training is hard to begin with and being off mentally/emotionally definitely has an impact.  I don’t know if pushing myself through the runs would have helped or not – perhaps I just needed to work through it in my own time.

On to a new week, happier thoughts and MORE MILES!!



Running for Medals. And Bacon.

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