Frederick Half Marathon Training Recap – Week 2

Training when you are under the weather really sucks.  I mentioned that I’d caught a cold last weekend, which evolved into a sore throat, coughing and definitely a little mucus.  Yuck!  However, I wasn’t really a full on “sick”- I didn’t have a fever and I felt fairly ok – maybe more tired and run down than normal, but I didn’t feel that I should miss any runs.  At least I was going to try.

This is my weekly training recap – I’m training for the Frederick half marathon in May using the Hanson’s half marathon training program.  I have found this really helps with accountability – it’s much harder to skip a run when I know I have to fess up online at the end of the week.  I also have linked up with other running blogs and reading about how other people are training and doing is also definitely helpful.  I’m currently joining a linkup with Courtney and some other fellow runners.


  • Planned: Cross-train or rest day
  • Actual:  I took a rest day since I woke up and the cold was markedly worse.


  • Planned:  2 easy miles @ 10:30 – 11:30 in the AM, strength/cross-train in PM
  • Actual:  2.02 easy miles @11:23 on the treadmill.  My trainer told me and my germy self to stay away from the gym and I took it really easy on the run since I wasn’t feeling 100%.


  • Rest day:  of course I kept with my rest day.  I broke out the ab roller for some ab work.  I forgot how damn hard that was.  When I’m back at 100% I’m going to incorporate that one back into my life.


  • Planned:  3 easy miles @ 10:30 – 11:30 in the AM, strength/cross-train in PM
  • Actual:  I decided to run before my workout because it was going to be nice out, so I got in 3 easy miles @ 11:26 and then an hour of strength/cross-training.  I definitely struggled with the workout – at one point I started to feel a little dizzy, but I did finish.


  • Planned:  3 easy miles @ 10:30 – 11:30
  • Actual:  3 miles @ 9:14 – I have no idea what happened on this run. I didn’t get out in the morning (getting up early was hard with my cold) and I guess I just wanted to get it done so I could eat dinner, so I ran a lot faster than I needed to.  I wasn’t actually trying to run a faster pace, it just kind of happened.  Hopefully this was a sign that I’m getting past this damn cold.


  • Planned:  4 easy miles @ 10:30 – 11:30
  • Actual:  4.18 miles @10:30 – It was another rainy, cold Saturday.  Seriously, this has been a thing for the last month now.  It’s made running group a struggle to go to, but I made it out to meet my ARRC gals.  I’d abused my credit card this week and brought new Oiselle running gear, so I wanted to try it out in the weather.  And show everyone what I’d got (of course.)  The run felt ok and my new gear definitely kept me warm and dry.  Yay!

Four rainy cold miles this AM. Always easier with friends. And my new #oiselle gear!

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  • Planned:  3 easy miles @ 10:30 – 11:30
  • Actual:  3.24 miles @ 10:20 – I had a chilly, but sunny late morning run.  Running in the cold is much easier when the sun is out.   I actually then spent the rest of the day on the couch with DayQuil.  I took a long nap and did NOTHING, I figured after a busy week, I owed my cold some downtime.

I just can’t wait until I’m back at 100%.  It’s frustrating to have easy runs feel as hard as they have this week.  The good news is, my cold is definitely just about gone.  So, all the chicken soup and extra sleep I got from going to bed early every night seems to have paid off.  I’m glad I didn’t skip any runs because I don’t think I was actually sick enough to need to.

Total Mileage for the Week:  15.47

Total Mileage this Training Cycle (and year):  26.02

How’s your training going so far?  Ever had to train when you are “kind of” sick?




Running for Medals. And Bacon.

2 thoughts on “Frederick Half Marathon Training Recap – Week 2

  1. Working out while sick is really tough! You did a great job all things considered. Hope you feel better!

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