Frederick Half Marathon Training Recap – Week 1

I was almost a little relieved to start training again this week.  I was in dire need of some goals to work towards, as well as some discipline and structure back in my workouts.  I’m training for the Frederick Half Marathon in the beginning of May and am following the Hansons Half Marathon beginning training program.  This is my first time using the half program, but since the marathon program worked pretty well for me last fall, I’m looking forward to see if it can get me that sub-2 half PR I’m working towards.

The first month is just rebuilding my weekly mileage back up, no SOS (something of substance – strength, speed or tempo) workouts, which is fine by me.  I definitely enjoyed a few months of minimal running and need to ease back into higher weekly mileage.


  • Planned:  Rest or cross-train.
  • Actual:  20 minutes on the elliptical – it was compromise between a full workout and a rest day.


  • Planned:  Rest or cross-train.
  • Actual:  Strength/cross-train with my workout partner and trainer.  And he totally kicked my butt for the first workout of the year.  Although considering that I’m currently “holiday plump,” I kind of had it coming.


  • Rest Day:  there is no actual or planned on this day.  Always take the rest day!  It’s the best day!


  • Planned:  3 easy miles @ 10:30 – 11:30.
  • Actual:  3.3 miles @ 10:07.  It was REALLY hard to get up and run in 29 degree weather when the sun wasn’t up yet, but I was actually glad I once I got going. I actually do like running in colder weather better, I just have to get myself out there a few times to remember that I actually DO like it.  I also did an evening strength/cross-train workout with the trainer.


  • Planned:  Rest or cross-train
  • Actual:  10 minute ab workout and stretching – I am in a Facebook group that does monthly challenges, and mine this month is to do ab work and stretching 5 days per week.  My trainer takes care of two of those days, so I have to do 3 days on my own.  I downloaded an app for the ab workouts – we’ll see how I like it.


  • Planned:  3 easy miles @ 10:30 – 11:30
  • Actual:  3.26 miles @ 10:38 – Saturdays are with my running group and I had been thinking I’d run a few more miles than what was on the schedule, but I wasn’t feeling so great and ended up just doing minimum mileage.  I also did a quick 5 minute ab workout and stretching that evening.


  • Planned:  4 easy miles @ 10:30 – 11:30
  • Actual:  4 easy miles @ 10:38 on the treadmill.  I woke up with a touch of a cold and it was single-digit temperatures today, so it was an indoor run for me.  The cold isn’t bad but I’m not going to risk getting full on sick so early in training.  Side note, I watched the documentary “Blackfish” during the run – seriously disturbing and very sad.  I kind of hate Sea World now.  I couldn’t watch the whole thing because I finished my run, so I’m heading back to the gym for cross-training in the morning to finish.  I also finished off my run with some ab work and stretching.

Miles this training cycle (and year):  10.55 miles

And this has NOTHING to do with training, but how cute is my comically tiny dog?  She’s very excited for spring training.  Can’t you tell?



Running for Medals. And Bacon.

10 thoughts on “Frederick Half Marathon Training Recap – Week 1

  1. Found your blog though Courtney’s linkup-1.I love your blog name-it’s always about the bacon 😉 and 2. your dog is adorable.
    Strong week-looking forward to following your training!

    1. 1 – thank you! and 2 – I know, right? Glad you came by, I really enjoy the blog linkups, so interesting and helpful to read about how everyone else is training. I’ll be going over to see how your week went!

  2. Great job this past week! I had to hit the treadmill once due to the cold weather…and I’m doing the same today because I don’t want to worry about slipping on ice in my neighborhood!

    The workout challenge sounds really interesting. I’m trying to do more planks so I’m planking twice a day at my desk and have a couple of coworkers joining in!

    1. Thanks – that’s great you got your coworkers involved. That would so not happen at my office! I’ll post about how I feel about the app I’m using another week or so after I see more of the workouts.

      1. I’m doing the half at the Glass City Marathon (in Toledo, OH). I’m actually a race Ambassador for the second year now, but I promised myself I wouldn’t be lured by a free race bib (for the full) and give my body a break this year!

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