Running plans for 2017

I’d started to do an end of year blog for 2016, but frankly, I was a little uninspired reflecting back on the year.  2016 was a good running year for me – but overall, not my greatest year in other areas of my life.  I’m more in a mindset right now of looking ahead to changes I can make in 2017, so I decided to skip the “year in review” blog.

So, I hereby declare 2017 to be the “Year of the PR.” I’m going to train to set new PRs for the 5K, 10K, 10 mile, half marathon and full marathon distances.

My plan to do this, starts with the Hanson’s training program.   I used it last year to train for Chicago and was very pleased with how things turned out.  However, there were a few decisions I made during training that probably wasn’t optimal, so I think if I take what I learned last cycle, I can improve even more this year.  I’ll be posting my training schedule and lessons learned from Hanson’s last year soon.

For Spring, I signed up for the King Crab Challenge, which is a series of local Maryland races that if you complete all of them, you get a special medal.  And you know how I feel about medals.  The cool thing about this one, is the three races are between May – October, so it requires you to stay trained up through two seasons.

Training starts January 2nd and is for 18 weeks.  After much deliberation, I decided to stick with the beginners program for the half marathon.  The paces are really fast and I haven’t really maintained a good mileage base since I stopped training in October.  I didn’t want to jump that quickly in mileage and paces at once.  My plan is to race in May and with only a month between that race and starting marathon training, I should start my next cycle at a high level of performance and continue to improve in the fall training.

I’ve signed up for a handful of 5Ks and a 10K in March and April.  Depending on how training is going, I may try for a PR in one of them.  However, the Hanson’s method is based on cumulative fatigue, which means your legs are ALWAYS tired.  I may have to wait until later in the fall to try and do those.

My goal half marathon to PR is the Frederick Running Festival on May 7th.   I’ll then run the Baltimore 10 Miler  June 3rd with a PR goal, as well. Marathon training for Chicago (yayIgotinagain!!) starts on June 5th, and I’ll shoot for a PR there in October.  I’m signed up for the Richmond marathon in early November, which will be my backup race for either the half or full if I don’t PR in Frederick or Chicago.

Current and goal PRs:

  • 5K:  current is 26:24 and goal is 26:00 (based on my half marathon training)
  • 10K:  current is 56:35 and goal is 54:01 (based on my half marathon training)
  • 10 Mile: current is 1:39:16 and goal is 1:30:30 (based on my half marathon training)
  • 1/2 Marathon:  current is 2:05:04 and goal is sub-2 (it can be 1:59:59 for all I care)
  • Marathon:  current is 4:32:39 and goal is TBD – depends on how Spring training goes.

I also plan to start out training with a 30 day sugar detox.  That’s basically super-strict paleo, which I also will blog about since I haven’t done one in awhile.  I figure with all the holiday indulging, my system could benefit from some good, clean eating.

Planning is the easy part – it’s going to be a hard running year but I think I’m ready for it.  What are your running plans for 2017?


Running for Medals. And Bacon.

9 thoughts on “Running plans for 2017

  1. Definitely let us know about the sugar detox. I feel like that would be super intense to do, but would definitely set your body on the right track. I’m planning on training for my first half-marathon! I’m pretty excited about it and have no idea what to expect.

  2. You know what I think – you can and will totally hit (and most likely surpass) these goals. I’m excited for you to experience the half hansons plan – it’s super hard but still less running than the full plan so you can totally do it! I think you will surprise yourself for the half!

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