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Running plans for 2017

I’d started to do an end of year blog for 2016, but frankly, I was a little uninspired reflecting back on the year.  2016 was a good running year for me – but overall, not my greatest year in other areas of my life.  I’m more in a mindset right now of looking ahead to changes […]

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Soupsessions I’m having right now

After I ran the Chicago Marathon, I’ve basically been in what I consider “minimum maintenance mode” (MMM) in terms of workouts.  I hit the gym twice a week and get most of my cardio on the Elliptical (also because I can watch Scandal while I sweat, which is my current Netflix indulgence.)  Aside from running […]

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Race Recap

NYC Marathon Recap

Ok, so I know it’s taken a long time to get this one out.  However, you can’t run the New York FRIGGIN’ marathon and not share, so better late than never, right?  I’m just going to keep this one to just about race day because this was a marathon to “enjoy” the experience and not […]

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