Marathon Training – Week 18

Week 18 is RACE WEEK!!  Even better, Week 18 is the week where I get eat ALL THE CARBS.  Let me tell you, if it was a potato of any kind – I ate it.  And it was friggin’ glorious.  I run races primarily because I love getting medals – but secondly because of the 3 -4 days before the race that my diet gets to be 80% carbs.

Carb loading and sticking to a paleo diet is tough.  Since I don’t typically eat rice (although I will from time to time) and I can’t eat bread or pasta, that comes out to a lot of sweet potatoes or potatoes. I did make PALEO BAGELS this week – which uses cassava flour that is quite high in carbs and definitely helped out.  Too bad I didn’t think of this until Thursday night.


  • Planned:  5 miles @ easy pace – 10:52 – 11:38
  • Actual:  5 miles @ 11:03

I did my last gym workout (only a half hour with my trainer) today along with 5 super boring treadmill miles.  At this point, I assume the mileage is only to keep my legs “primed” for running but the pace ensures they start to recover for the big day.  I hadn’t started carb loading yet


  •  5 miles @ easy pace – 10:52 – 11:38
  •  5.09 miles @ 10:54

More easy miles – at least these were outside.  More importantly, I need to start thinking about all the carbs I needed in my life starting tomorrow.  I can only eat so many roasted sweet potatoes or potatoes, so I needed some other options.  I made a tomato-pumpkin soup and cooked up some pork chops with baked pears and apples to supplement the two sweet potatoes I’d roasted up.


Rest day and the day the carb influx begins!!   All the sweet potato had been consumed by the end of the day.


  • Planned:  6 miles @ easy pace – 10:52 – 11:38
  • Actual:  5 miles @ 11:10

I was a little bothered by how tired my legs were still feeling but I decided to not dwell on it.  I was sick of sweet potatoes so I moved on to smashed fingerling potatoes and onions.  I also came up with the brilliant idea to make the paleo bagels.



  • Planned:  5 miles @ easy pace – 10:52 – 11:38
  • Actual:  3.5 miles @ 11:11

Friday I was leaving for Chicago, so I got my miles in early.  At this point, I wasn’t worried about my mileage, I just wanted to keep my legs loose, so I cut it short.  Between Thursday night and Friday morning, I ate 1.5 lb. bag of fingerling potatoes.  True story.  I also polished off a sizable portion of lyonnaise potatoes at dinner, along with dessert.  Carb loading is the best.


  • Planned: 3 mile shakeout run with my girls and Bart Yasso
  • Actual:  As planned

Saturday was a pre-marathon shakeout run at the Fleet Feet in the Chicago South Loop. Bart Yasso was there – which was super cool and all.  Honestly, it was just nice to run with friends the day before the race.  I hadn’t run with anyone in a few weeks since I’d skipped running group last Saturday and I found this run very comforting and calming.  I hadn’t gotten my pre-race jitters yet but I was expecting them any second.


  • Planned:  26.2 miles
    • A Goal – 4:18 finish time – not sure if I really believed this was obtainable but since I’d been training for the time, I figured my best day could result in this.
    • B Goal – Under 4:30 finish time – I would actually be ok with anything in the vicinity of 4:30, but there is a small part of me that would still like to beat Oprah.
    • C Goal – Beat current PR of 4:55 – in the end of the day, as long as I do better than last year, it’s a good day.  I also told my friend that if I didn’t PR, I was planning on getting really drunk after the race.
  • Actual: Race recap to follow soon!!




Running for Medals. And Bacon.

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