Marathon Training – Week 16


That’s a word.  Really, it is.  I was just out on my last easy run of the week and it suddenly hit me that the race is just two weeks away.  I need to figure out what my race plan is, I need to finalize what I’m wearing for the race, I need to make a command decision on which hydration pack I’m using….ack!  Where did the time go?

Time flies when you’re running all the time.  Seriously.


  • Planned:  5 easy miles @ 10:52 – 11:38
  • Actual:  2.5 miles @ 11:10

After 57 miles last week, I was extra tired on Monday.  I had a gym workout planned and I got there with enough time to get in 5 miles beforehand.  However, didn’t stick any socks in the gym bag and apparently it takes me the same amount of time to run 2.5 miles as it does to go buy socks.  I know I could have gotten the 2.5 miles after my workout, but I had a conference call after the gym and by the time I was ready to go run, it was late, I was tired and I just didn’t want to.  I won’t make any excuses –  I just didn’t do it.


I had to replan my week because of a death in the family and had to travel – so this ended up being a rest day.


  • Planned:  4 x 1.5 miles @ 9:40 with 400 recovery (1 mile wu/1 mile cd)
  • Actual:   4 x 1.5 miles @ 9:31 with 400 recovery (1 mile wu/1.5 mile cd)

Since I had a funeral to attend, I was actually a little relieved to have a hard workout to distract myself with.  Just like last week, I set the pace faster than my last 1.5 mile repeat workout and I was able to hang at that pace.  I even set it a little faster for the last interval and squeezed in an extra half mile to offset some of my missed mileage on Monday.


  • Planned:  5 easy miles @ 10:52 – 11:38
  • Actual:  6 miles @ 10:49

It’s funny, now that the weather is easing up, my easy mileage pace is actually now feeling too slow.  Even though I’m pretty much chronically tired at this point, it’s actually difficult to run in that range.


  • Planned:  10 mile tempo run @ 9:50 w/ 1 mile wu, 1 mile cd
  • Actual:  10 mile tempo run @ 9:43 w/ 1 mile wu, 1 mile cd

I woke up on Friday and I was super-duper exhausted.  I actually overslept, my legs were tired and I didn’t think there was any way I’d be able to rally for a tempo run.  But I got my ass up and just headed out anyways.  You never know what you can do unless you try it, right?

I live on the top of a series of rolling hills that end at the Potomac, so I just started down the hill, hoping that it would propel me into a tempo pace and I could just keep going. Apparently, it worked.  I got down to the Potomac at mile 2 and I was able to hold a fairly consistent pace.  I was happy to log a solid tempo run – it’s helping build my running confidence for Chicago.  I’m learning that even though my head tells me I can’t do something, my legs can deliver if I let them.


  • Planned:  10 mile long run @ 10:29 – 10:36 pace
  • Actual:  10 miles @ 10:25

I was back with my running group this week for my long run.  I’ve run this same route (Capital Crescent Trail) three times now for long runs, and each one has been better than the last.  Yay for me!



  • Planned:  8 easy miles @ 10:52 – 11:38
  • Actual:  8 miles @ 10:50

At this point, I pretty much am ALWAYS exhausted and I don’t want to run anymore when I get up.  However, I find that if I can get myself started – I actually end up doing ok.  I started out this run dreading it and feeling it would take forever to get done.  But the 8 miles really flew by and they honestly didn’t feel that bad.  One of the objectives of this training plan is to get you to learn how to run on tired legs, and I say that objective has been achieved.  Hopefully, this will apply when I put 26.2 miles together in one run.

Mileage for the week – 48.13

Fun fact – I’ve run 599.95 miles this training cycle (since June 9th.)  So now you get why I’m so tired.

Have a great week – if you’re in training, are you feeling ready for your race?  Roxy is definitely ready for my training to be over.  She misses her long walks.



Running for Medals. And Bacon.

2 thoughts on “Marathon Training – Week 16

  1. You are way ahead of me! I’m feeling like I’m more ready for the Hartford Half Marathon than I was for the last two that I did. I had some glitches in my training, but I don’t have time to be stressed about it now. I’m working on a good taper before the race. Can’t hold a candle to a good taper! Then I’ll run like the wind (on a fairly calm day)! Best wishes and bacon.

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