Friday Five – My Favorite Paleo Bloggers and Recipes

Happy Friday!  I’ve totally been slacking on my blog for the last few weeks and just been getting out my weekly training recaps.  But I’m back for the Friday Five blog link up that’s hosted by: CourtneyMar on the Run and Cynthia.

This is a “free Friday” – which means I can talk about whatever I want to.  Honestly, since I’m in week 16 of Chicago marathon training, I really do not want to talk about anything having to do with running.  Since my blog is also supposed to be about paleo cooking, I thought I’d talk about that for a change.

I get asked all the time for recipes and recommendations for sites and/or blogs that have good Paleo recipes or information.  So, here are five I recommend.  Note that all pics were taken from the online recipes from these sites but I will attest that I have made these all recipes myself.  I just don’t take pictures of all of my food – it’s actually a lot harder then you realize.

1.  Balanced Bites – Diane Sanfilippo – This is the author of the books that basically got me to change my lifestyle and eating habits.  It started with the 21 Day Sugar Detox and then I brought the Practical Paleo (which just came out with a second edition.)  Diane has a lot of good nutritional and dietary information and resources on her site and in her books – not just recipes.  However, probably one of my favorite recipes of hers is this White Chicken Chili.  Seriously delicious, easy to make and easy on the wallet (keeping paleo can get pricey!)


2. PaleOMG – Juli Bauer   – This site is more focused on recipes, along with workouts and fashion.  Her blog is a lot of fun, she’s pretty hilarious and her recipes are on point.  I think I’ve made one of her recipes that turned out to not be good and I’m fairly certain that it was my fault.  I own three of her cookbooks and picking one of my favorite recipes is incredibly difficult.  But I’m going with the Crockpot Ropa Vieja.  And now that I’m looking at it, I think I might need to add that into rotation because I haven’t made it in awhile.


3.  nom nom Paleo – Michelle Tam – Michelle now does Facebook live cooking demonstrations, which I LOOOOOVE.  Her site is definitely recipe focused and I own her cookbook as well and am EAGERLY waiting for the second one.  Her site and her recipes are very well written, easy to understand and full of UNAMI!  Don’t know what this is?  Go check out her blog.  One of my favorite recipes that I just made last week is the Super Porktastic Meatloaf – which is a half vegetable-half pork meatloaf topped with bacon.  I don’t have children, but if I did – this is exactly how I’d hide their vegetables.tumblr_ljadxttanx1qdei8m

4.  Domestic Man – Russ Crandall – This is also primarily recipes and what’s a little different about this blog is that he seems to focus more on international cuisines (although not exclusively.)  His cookbook, Paleo Takeout, has all of my favorite Chinese, Indian and Thai recipes and while the recipes are a little more difficult and involve a lot of ingredients and steps, they are totally worth it!!  My favorite recipe – probably the Chicken Tikka Masala.   The Pad Thai recipe from the cookbook is pretty bomb as well, but he hasn’t posted it online.


5.  Civilized Caveman – George Bryant – Last but not least, this site has really evolved from a mostly recipe-focused site into a little more of motivational and life-resources as well.  Moreso through snapchat or Instagram.  I prefer to stick more to the recipes – which are awesome.  George and Juli did a cookbook together, which I own.  And I think I’ve literally made at least two-thirds of the food recipes in there.  I’ve posted about his famous banana bread before, so now I think I’ll link my second favorite bread recipe of his – Bacon Herb Biscuits.  These are so good after a run…I think I have to probably make some to have after my long run tomorrow, now.


I probably could add another 5 – 6 blogs here – but they call it “Friday Five” for a reason.  Plus, now I’m hungry.  Time for lunch!   If you have a favorite food blog (paleo or not) I always love to check out new sites – let me know what they are.


Running for Medals. And Bacon.

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