Marathon Training – Week 14

This week was another “not so great” week for me, and I think I’ve figured out that my biggest problem (aside from getting in my head too much) is consistency.  I  feel like my runs are not as consistent as they could be and that’s pretty much due to the inconsistency in some of my training habits.  I’ve definitely made switching the running schedule for the week a little too habitual – and they pointedly tell you in the book to not switch the schedule around much and if you do, make sure you’re doing it so you body is given time to recover.  I’ve also just not been great about consistency with my diet.  All this training has led to a lot less cooking, which means more takeout and less clean eating.  For me, that definitely makes a difference.

I started the week off tired and in a little bit of pain.  Even though last week was pretty solid, doing the 9 mile tempo and then the 16 mile long run back to back apparently REALLY kicked my ass.


  • Planned 5 miles @ easy pace
  • Actual: 3.1 miles @ 11:29

This run was awful.  I wasn’t just tired, I was hurting like I haven’t really hurt at all this season.  I had a stitch in my side that hurt when I coughed and with certain movements that I wasn’t sure what that was all about and my hip joints were really achy.  I wasn’t sure if I should give my legs a rest day or at least give it a try.  I ended up trying.  Couldn’t quite get it all done, though.  It just didn’t feel good.


I was going to do Tues/Thurs strength but my legs were cooked so I decided after the Monday run to rework the schedule and make this a rest day.


  • Planned:  Strength workout 2 x 3 miles w 1 mile recovery (1 mile wu/cd) @ 9:40
  • Actual: As planned, for a total of 10 miles

Strength workout was hard.  Duh.  I followed it with a gym workout with the trainer and in retrospect, that was probably a mistake.  I’d possibly overdone it last weekend with my schedule, I still had the stitch going in my side so perhaps I should have dialed it back a little bit on the cross-training until I felt 100%.


  • Planned:  5 miles @ easy pace
  • Actual:  5 miles @ 11:20

Another “UGH” run, especially given I was running in the morning after last night’s 2.5 hour strength and gym workouts.


  • Planned:  9 Mile tempo run @ 9:50 (1 mile wu/cd)
  • Actual: 6 Miles @ 11:13

Woke up again with fatigue and pain as well as some general malaise.  I decided that I wasn’t going to attempt a tempo run feeling this way.  Whether I’d just overdone it or if it was something else (diet, allergies or me just being a big, fat baby) I just needed to get past this constant feeling of “ugh.”


  • Planned:  10 mile long run @ 10:29 – 10:36
  • Actual:  10.1 miles @ 11:01

Summer came back with a vengeance and this was a pretty hot and sticky run.  I was very thankful for my running group to motivate me to get up and out.  I was feeling less “ughy” but still not awesome.  I decided I wasn’t going to worry too much about pace because I was going to try a tempo run on Sunday.  Plus I think I’ve made it abundantly clear how much I suck at running in the heat.

Summer showed up for one last run. Super hot, super humid and I'm super glad that's over with.

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  • Planned:  9 Mile tempo run @ 9:50 (1 mile wu/cd)
  • Actual:  8.04 miles @ 9:55 + .8 mile cool down @ 10:37

This run started out pretty good.  The first six miles were all at tempo pace and then I hit the Custis Hills and started to lose steam.  Mile seven, I couldn’t stay sub-10 and mile eight was slower (@ 10:23.)  I got frustrated at that point and just headed home.  It’s funny, I can totally channel most of my emotions into physical activity….except frustration.   Frustration is probably the most destructive emotion to me because I tend to shut down (or stop) when I get overwhelmed by it.  If there is anything I need to continually work on, it’s to not get my frustration escalate if I can’t keep pace.  I probably should have just slowed down or stopped to stretch again, and then kept going.  If I couldn’t keep the pace going, I should have just gotten in my miles.

After I got home and sat in an ice bath, I considered getting in a few more miles later that evening.  I was just over 43 miles for the week and I was supposed to have done close to 49.  I decided I was just going to let this week be done, give my legs a little reprieve to fully recover and leave no excuses to come back strong for 57 miles next week.

I’m in a race next weekend, so I reworked my schedule to account for that, but I think for the remaining four weeks until Chicago I’m going to do the following to make sure I’m optimizing the last few weeks of training:

  1. No more SOS runs back to back – I’m not sure if that’s what did me in this week but it clearly didn’t help matters.  I don’t think I can get away with it running at my target paces and at 50+ miles a week.
  2. No more last minute schedule switching – which I know I learned a few weeks ago but clearly I needed a second lesson.  I need to stick to my plan so I can recover from SOS runs, but I also need to make sure I’m working on sticking to planned workouts even when I have got a case of “ughs.”  If I wake up on October 9th with a case of the “ughs” I do not think they’re going to let me do the marathon on Monday.
  3. No more strength and gym workouts back to back – I think that I am going to forgo this training combination for the last three strength workouts.  With the increase in tempo run mileage that starts this week, I think I may just want to ease back to one gym workout so I’m recovering as much as possible.
  4. Going full on cavewoman – no dairy of any kind, no more gluten free treats, no wine – going to keep it super clean and all paleo because I know from experience, I feel the best physically when I follow that strict of a diet.  Although you may hear me whine a little about no more wine for the next month.


It’s Monday of week 15 and my legs feel better than they did all last week.  I think the ice bath and extreme foam rolling over the weekend may have done the trick.  Have a great week!



Running for Medals. And Bacon.

4 thoughts on “Marathon Training – Week 14

  1. I can’t believe we are getting so close. I will be out on the Navy AF course, so hopefully I’ll see you then! I think your plan for tackling this next month sounds really solid, lady. We need to log an easy run or two together before race day!

    1. I know, me neither…trying not to think about it too much so I don’t get pre-race anxiety too soon. Let me know where you’re going to be on the course on Sunday, and hope that it doesn’t rain!! Roxy and I will be at Clarendon Day start to do some cheering – we’ll look for you on Saturday. And yes – let’s try and get some runs on the calendar between now and Chicago.

  2. RUN needs to align with FUN – you are doing an amazing job with your training. You should celebrate all your accomplishments and milestones. Try funneling your frustrations into cooking a great meal for myself.
    And Just think of all the wine you can have AFTER the marathon training is over!! Celebration, big time!!

    1. Actually, cooking is definitely a de-stressor for me. too bad I can’t do it during a run, though. 🙂 We’ll have wine after I run NY – and it will be delightful!

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