Marathon Training – Week 13

Week 13 came and went.  I only have five more rows in my training schedule – Chicago is a little over a month away!  This was a really great week – I absolutely think that I was inspired by Jessie Graff on Monday night when she became the first woman to make it through Stage 1 in American Ninja Warrior.  I have become OBSESSED with that show and I love the fact that men and women compete together on the exact same course.  Watching her hit the buzzer was awesome and definitely motivating.


  • Planned:  6 Miles – easy pace
  • Actual:  6 miles @10:48

Monday has become a pretty regular treadmill day for me, whether it be for easy runs or strength/speed.  I switched up my schedule this week because of some home improvements I’m doing and because I was in the gym for workouts on Tuesday/Thursday of this week.


  • Planned:  Strength workout 3 x 2 miles with 800 recovery @ 9:40 (1 mile wu/1 mile cd)
  • Actual:  Strength workout 3 x 2 miles with 800 recovery @ 9:40 (1 mile wu/1 mile cd)

Strength workouts are hard but I don’t mind them as much as I did the speed work.  I’ve been doing strength on the treadmill (1% incline) since I combine them with gym training.  My trainer decided that it was going to be a hard workout and after 9 miles I was TIRED.  I started to whine – in my head because my trainer gets annoyed when I whine out loud – but was able to once again tune it out and work through my fatigue.  The workout ended up being a lot of fun and I felt strong up to the last drill (which involved walking around with two 35 lb plates and doing squats with them.)   After that, I was completely cooked.  But I felt pretty damn accomplished after these workouts.


Rest Days are the BEST DAYS!!


  • Planned:  6 Miles – easy pace
  • Actual:  4 Miles @ 10:56

Today was the day the contractors came and my day did not go as planned.  They didn’t finish the work which delayed me being able to run – and since I had a tempo run in the morning I cut the run short so I had at least 12 hours between runs.  I figured I could make up the miles later in the week.


  • Planned:  Tempo run – 9 miles @ 9:50 (1 mile wu/1 mile cd)
  • Actual: 2.36 miles  + 2 Miles @9:50;  7.4 miles @ 9:33

I woke up on Friday with stomach issues.  I tell you, I’ve had more stomach issues this cycle than last year – I’m not sure what that is all about but it’s made for some unpleasant runs.  Even though I’d committed to doing my tempo runs outside for the rest of the cycle,  I honestly just copped out this morning and decided to tread it.  I did my warm up mile and started into the tempo mileage.  After two miles, I had to dial it back a little and ended up stopping after another mile or so.  Needed a bathroom break, I’ll just leave it at that.

At that point, I pretty much just decided I was going to go out and run the remaining 7 miles outside and simply just do the best I could.  I even set out for my Custis Loop that has several decent hills out the route.  I’m really OVER all this stressing out about the tempo runs.  Well, apparently – not worrying about tempo runs seems to be the key for me to have really good tempo runs.  My pace for the 7 miles was 9:33.


  • Planned:  16 mile long run @ 10:29 – 10:36
  • Actual: 16 miles @ 10:24

I was really happy with this run.   I hadn’t been able to do the 16 mile long run in my pace range yet this cycle and it’s probably the first time EVER I can say that 16 miles felt pretty good.  I ran the first 10 miles with one of my running group friends, and the last 6 I did solo.  Those solo miles I was really able to push myself,  where the previous week I wasn’t able to muster.  I’m fairly certain the weather had a lot to do with it, but this week had been a really strong training week for me and I just had the mindset of “I know this is hard but I GOT this.”


  • Planned:  7 miles – easy pace
  • Actual:  8.3 miles @ 11:11

Ok, so this was a super tough run.  My legs were TIRED after two SOS runs in a row but I had mileage to make up from earlier in the week.  It had been such a good week that I wanted to end it on a high note and finish all my planned mileage, so I just kept putting one foot in front of the other until I was done.  I honestly was so tired after that, I didn’t have the motivation to do much else that day.  This was the most tired I’ve been the entire training cycle, which means it was a GOOD WEEK.

Roxy was displeased how this impacted her walk, though.  She cannot wait for marathon training to be over!


Running for Medals. And Bacon.

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