Friday Five – Favorite Instagram Pictures/Memories

Happy Friday!  That means it’s time for another Friday Five!  This is a blog link up that’s hosted by: CourtneyMar on the Run and Cynthia.  I highly recommend taking a gander at their blogs, as well as some of the other folks who link up.  Fun fact, Courtney is in my running group and definitely inspired me to give blogging a try.

The theme of third Friday is “Favorites.”  I recently took a little trip down Instagram memory lane and thought it might be fun to share some of favorite Instagram pictures/memories.  I know I post lots of pictures of my training runs, my dog, stuff I eat, my dog, then some more training runs and then another picture of my dog.  However, there’s some pictures in between that are a little more special to me.

#1:  Getting my medal from a marine after finishing my first marathon in October 2015.  Even though I’d wanted to die from miles 20 – 24 and at that moment I was thinking, “I’m never doing this sh*t again!” it was still a pretty great memory that means a lot to me.  What was NOT a great many moments was how long it took me to get from that Marine, to outside of the race finishers area.  That’s a little fact they don’t mention when you sign up.

Best part of the race. I'm a FINISHER! #mcm #oorah #runwiththemarines

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#2 – First half marathon – the DC Rock and Roll in 2014.  I literally almost threw up after I finished this race. That isn’t the actual race pace (it was more like 9’35”), but this was a major milestone for me.  I actually never intended to run farther than 13.1 miles, but a year and a half later (see pic #1.)

Done and done!! #nikeplus

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#3 – I took a trip with the ladies in my family from Hong Kong to Singapore and this picture was on one of the first days we spent in Hong Kong.  It was an amazing trip but what’s more amazing is my 90 year Grandmother is still traveling the world and I got to share this trip with her, my Aunt and my Mom.  Plus, not working for almost a month was REALLY amazing, too.

Standing at the very top of Hong Kong.

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#4 – Seriously, did you actually think I wasn’t going to include at least one picture of my dog?  Picking a favorite picture of Roxy would be like eating just ONE piece of bacon.  However, this one is definitely one of my favorites because I was able to catch her doing her little “Yorkie Shuffle.”  I didn’t train her to do that, it’s just something she’s done since she was puppy.  If I could train her to do it on command and to music, I’m fairly certain she’d become an internet celebrity dog.

#5 – This was taken in Tel Aviv on my last trip to Israel in 2014.  21 people were killed when a disco was bombed in 2001 and this is a memorial for them.  Every time I look at this picture, I get tears in my eyes.  I actually have a ton of incredible pictures from that trip but this is probably my favorite.  This was taken actually on another family trip – we let my Dad come this time, though.

Keep dancing…memorial for the 21 killed in a disco in 2001

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Same memory, so it counts with #5

Everyone say "Olives…"

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I don’t think you can post Instagram picture in comments, but I’d love to see some links to your favorite Instagram pics or memories.

Happy Friday!


Running for Medals. And Bacon.

12 thoughts on “Friday Five – Favorite Instagram Pictures/Memories

  1. Great shots and great idea for a blog post !
    Love the photo from Israel and I hope I can travel forever. What wonderful memories foe you & your family.

    1. Thanks, my little monster is pretty darn cute and I love my Marine picture, too.

      You should suggest that your parents try cruising – that’s what my grandmother does and she’s seeing the world.

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