Marathon Training – Week 8

Time does fly when you’re running all the time.  Except when you’re actually in the middle of that humid, long run.  Then it seemingly stands still.  Seriously, I can’t believe July has come and gone.  Chicago and NY are going to be here before I know it!

Ok, on to the recap.  The heat wave continued on – it was a week of all 90’s and even one triple digit day.  I really, really, really hate running in the heat.  It makes me feel awful and I know I don’t perform well.  The thought of doing speed work or tempo runs in the humidity did not send me to my happy place.  So, I had to make the decision – do I suck it up and run outside or do I hit the treadmill?

I don’t know why using the treadmill makes me feel guilty, but it does.  When I run inside because I think it’s too hot and then I see one of my friends post about their sweltering outdoor run, I feel like a big, fat baby for not doing it.   Even if I ran the distance I was supposed to at the target pace, somehow, I feel that it’s not as “good” as running outside.  On the one hand, being able to muster the strength and drive to be able to run under any conditions – I can see the value in that.  If I train in the heat, I know I can race in the heat.  On the other hand, if I’m putting my body through enough physical stress, why make it even harder if I don’t have to?  If I have the luxury of being able to occasionally run on the treadmill, why the hell not?

I go back and forth with this all the time.  The treadmill is my Jewish mother of the gym, always making me feel guilty!


  • Planned – Speed work – 6 x 800; 400 recovery + 2 wu/cd
  • Actual – 4.25 on the treadmill before a workout with the trainer – 9:54 pace

This was a combination of not wanting to get up early and really not wanting to run in soupy, humid weather.  I made a conscious decision not to go running.  I got up, stuck my head out the balcony door, felt the heat blast me….NOPE!  In hindsight, I was super annoyed with my decision and it ended up ruining my morning because I kept mentally berating myself.  Even if I decided to forgo the outside run, it didn’t mean I couldn’t have run on the tread at that time.  However,  I did get in some miles before my workout that night.


  • Planned – Rest
  • Actual – Rest

I adjusted my schedule but didn’t want to change the rest day.


  • Planned – Tempo Run (5 miles + 2 wu/cd)
  • Actual – Speed work – 5 x 800 1 X 1200; 400 recovery + 2 wu/cd

Ok, so it was once again hot as hell in the morning AND I had to be at work earlier than normal, so I decided to do speed work on the treadmill.  Frankly, I wasn’t sure if I could run a half a mile (6 times) at my target pace in the heat, and since the point of speed work is to develop fast twitch muscle isn’t it more important to maintain the target speed for the intervals?   It’s either a brilliant point or complete rationalization.  However,  I did decide that since I was giving myself a break by being inside, I would run all of my 800’s at 8:34, which is the faster side of my target pace range.  I even ran one at 8:29  AND I got distracted by the cute guy on the treadmill next to me and ran one 1200 by accident.  So, I may have not rallied for the heat, but I really pushed on the workout.  I then worked out with my trainer and I was POOPED by the time the hour was up.


  • Planned – 5 miles – easy
  • Actual – 6 Miles (had to make up time for Monday) at 10:36 pace

Another treadmill day – mostly at this point because after the grueling workout and run the night before, getting up early to run in the morning was not happening.  I usually try to leave 12 hours between runs and when I woke up on Thursday, it had only been about 10 hours and I’d been pretty hard on the body on Wednesday.  My six miles that evening were nice and easy.  I had to get back on morning runs by the weekend.


  • Planned – 6 miles – easy
  • Actual- Tempo Run (5 miles + 2 wu/cd) at 9:48 pace

I had a 7:00 AM physical therapy appointment which threw off my morning.  I decided to try a late morning run outside (the weather was actually a little better) but between the heat and lack of poor route planning, I ended up heading back to the trusty treadmill after 2 miles.  The treadmill guilt was overwhelming at this point.


  • Planned – 10 miles  – 10:29 – 10:38 pace
  • Actual – 10 miles – 11:04 pace

Saturday is running group day so it’s always outside, no matter what.  That 10 miles did not feel so great.  It was hot and humid and I could not keep my target long run pace to save my life.  With that kind of weather, I’m not prone to get hung up on my pace.  I think just getting the run done is probably the most important thing.


  • Planned – 6 miles – easy
  • Actual – 6.4 miles – 10:22 pace

Finished out the week with a nice Sunday morning run outside.  Since I had done so much treadmill time this week, I decide to get my butt up early and run outside.  I closed out the week with 41 miles (that’s a new high point for me) and 150 for the month (also another high point.)


Running for Medals. And Bacon.

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