Friday Five -Guilty Pleasures

Happy Friday!  I’ve been meaning to do this “Friday Five” for the last month, but I have been really struggling to  incorporate blogging into my weekly schedule.  This week, I was determined, even if it was “five of my favorite pairs of socks” – I was going to post SOMETHING this week.

This is a blog link up that’s hosted by by running group friend CourtneyMar on the Run and Cynthia.  Definitely check out their blogs as well as some of the other folks who participate in the link up.  Each week has a theme (food, fitness, etc) but this week is a FREE Friday, meaning I can talk about anything.

As I’m in the middle of marathon training (week 7!!) and have been adhering to a training schedule that recently turned fairly rigorous with 6 days of running that includes speed work and tempo runs, I find that I’ve entered a period of time that’s going to require a fair amount of discipline.  That means clean eating, going to bed early, passing on happy hour and making sure I’m taking the time to ice, stretch, soak, etc.

So, since my life (and therefore my blog) has been mostly about training and discipline and going to bed by 9:00, I feel that talking about my guilty pleasures is almost as good as actually doing one of them right now.

  1. Binge watching shows from the late 90’s – early 2000 – I’m a marathon runner and a marathon Netflix or Amazon Video binge watcher.  I just recently finished re-watching the Nip Tuck series.  Before that it was True Blood and then the Sopranos (that ending kills me every time.)  My favorite stand-by (my “comfort” binge watch show) is hands down, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I can pick that up and watch it any time.
  2. Celebrity Gossip Magazines – Ok, so I’ll admit it.  I love to read those awful magazines that have all the celebrity gossip and scandal.  I know, it’s all mostly crap and the magazines all post contradictory stories, but I DON’T CARE!  I  I love nothing more then sitting down with  Us Weekly, In Style, Life&Style and Star magazines.  I used to only read them when I traveled but I’ll still pick them up for a lazy Sunday afternoon read.
  3. Olive bar and cheese dinner – Sometimes, I’ll get a little block of cheese and then stock up on peppers, garlic, gherkins, and vegetables from the olive bar at Whole Foods or Teeter.  I’ll get home and pour myself a big old glass of wine.  And that’s dinner.  I know it’s terrible, but I love doing this every once in awhile.  And for some reason, using toothpick to eat everything makes it even better.
  4. Paleo Reeses Almond Butter Spoon – You take a tablespoon, insert in almond butter jar and get heaping spoonful, insert as many “Enjoy Life” dark chocolate chunks as you can and then consume.  Avoid the dog’s shameful stare as you put it all away.  This is the reason I don’t keep chocolate chips in the house anymore.
  5. LOOOOONG Nap – I’m not talking about a quick power nap to catch a second wind after you’ve been up since 4:00 AM or a run-run recovery nap.  I’m talking about a long, wonderful snooze on an afternoon when you have at least 10 things you know should be doing.


In all fairness, I probably could have made this one a “Friday Ten.”

What are some of your favorite guilty pleasures?





Running for Medals. And Bacon.

7 thoughts on “Friday Five -Guilty Pleasures

    1. With 6 AM log runs on Saturday, Friday night magazine/book reading has definitely become a thing for me, too. I should probably try to balance a respectable book with the celebrity magazines though. 😉

  1. Yes to guilty pleasures, life is too short to go without them.
    Love the spoon recipe ! Great idea.
    I could binge watch Friends no problem. Or CSI. Las Vegas preferably.

  2. You’re right…life is too short. I think I might have to buy some chocolate chips on the way home from my long run today. And then I’m going to check and see which CSI series are on Netflix. 🙂

  3. I have a really simple guilty pleasure – sometimes if I’m running or even biking I’ll drop into Starbucks or another coffee shop and I’ll actually just sit there and enjoy my beverage before moving on again. I don’t take a break like this as often as I used to (a friend actually asked me to blog about local coffee places but I can’t even do that right now as I never go!!) so I really do take advantage of those 20 minutes when I do stop for coffee.

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