Marathon Training – Week 4

So, I’m pitifully late with my weekly recap.  I think I need to make this my Sunday evening ritual. Now that Game of Thrones is over, I think I can fill that time slot with blogging.

In my defense, Week 4 included my birthday – which means I had a little bit o’ celebrating to do and was planning on giving myself a little break from the super clean eating and wine-free living.   I had made only one specific rule for Week 4 – I would NOT miss any mileage because of any birthday fun.

Week 4 Runs:  21 miles planned – 21.01 miles logged.  So I DID keep to my running commitment.  I’d rearranged my running schedule so I was going to run Tuesday – Saturday.  My actual birthday was Thursday but I was also having people over on Saturday for a dinner party – and I figured that more wine consumption would happen on Saturday and that having Sunday off would be a good thing.

However – looking at the breakdown, it didn’t quite work out that way,

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 6.49.28 PM

I kept to my expected runs Tuesday – Thursday and had a great birthday morning run.

Then there was the birthday happy hour (with my running group girls) that evening.


Do see that glass in front of me?  I think that was probably about my 3rd ( and it wasn’t the last, either) That much champagne and running the next day really don’t mix well.  I definitely tried to rally on Friday to get my 3 miles in – but after a mile I decided that it wasn’t going to happen.  Getting off the treadmill, I quoted good old Sgt. Murtaugh.

I’m getting too old for this sh*t!

Saturday was a great run in DC.  I felt a little more redeemed after my running fail the previous day.

Attachment-1 (2)

I DID get the remaining miles for the week in on Sunday morning after the birthday dinner party. I’m not going to lie – that mileage didn’t feel so great and I took it nice and easy.  But at least I stayed true to my target mileage for the week – and actually very respectable average overall pace.

Week 4 Workouts:  Only got one workout in with the trainer this week.  This was partially his fault because he canceled on our Monday session.  But in all fairness, I was supposed to see him for a half hour after the Friday run that didn’t happen, and luckily he took pity on me and let me off the hook.

Week 4 Diet:  Well…my diet this week wasn’t so great.  I enjoyed adult beverages several times, one night, dinner may have primarily consisted of potato chips (they were at least made with olive oil) and I did treat myself to a block of Kerrygold Dubliner cheese (I did NOT eat it all in one day and it is made with milk from grass-fed cows.)  I hadn’t been eating dairy for the last few weeks and GOOD LORD did I miss cheese.  I managed to stay 99% gluten free – but I definitely strayed a little off the paleo path on a few occasions.  When someone sends you a piece of cake and sings happy birthday it’s rude not to take a taste.  Even cavemen know that!

Week 4 Hydration and Nutrition:  Right around my birthday, I stopped being so diligent about tracking my water (and maintaining target consumption) as well as taking my supplements.  Honestly, these are two things that require some focus and I just didn’t have much focus on the latter part of the week.  All I really cared about was having a little fun with my friends and keeping to my weekly running goal.  I’ll get back on track with this in week 5 (although spoiler alert – it takes me few days longer than I’d intended to.)

FullSizeRender (1)

So, that’s Week 4.  I had a lot of birthday fun with friends and kept to my running goal, so I think overall it was a successful week. I knew I was going to let my hair down a little and I’m always prone to be a little excessive when I do.  However,  I think what is key in the coming week is to make sure I return to the same level of focus and discipline I had in Weeks 1 – 3 so I don’t lose any momentum in my training.

But I’m not going to be sorry about enjoying my birthday weekend!

Attachment-1 (3)


Running for Medals. And Bacon.

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