Comically tiny dog weekly recap

Roxy had a pretty eventful week.  She started it all out with a makeover.  I have been an extremely bad momma and I let her turn into what can only be described as a mini-mop.  She hates, hates, hates the groomers but it had to be done.

If you had any doubt as to just how comically tiny my dog is, you’ll see how she sizes up against a large iced coffee.   I also managed to catch her elusive “yorkie shuffle” on video.  I didn’t train her to do that, she’s just done that since she was a puppy – I think it’s her way of trying to make a point and/or make her presence known.  In the video here, the point’s she’s trying to make is “I’ve got the toy and now you must play with me!!”

I’ve had some fun with the Roxster this week. Who am I kidding, we have fun every week! And we always take naps after all the fun.

Bacon is a universal motivator #yorkiesofinstagram #yorkie #yorkshire #bacon

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Running for Medals. And Bacon.

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