Marathon Training – Week 1

My first training week recap – woohoo!  Let me tell you, thinking about what you should put in a blog post about your run is a good thing to make the time go by while you’re running.  Plus, I also have to tell you, the power of blog accountability pressure is HUGE.  This week was tough for me – I had a bootcamp style training class followed by a horrific 200 question certification exam, and the last thing I felt like doing at certain points during the week was working out or running.  But then, I thought about the blog.  I’d have to admit I bailed out on training for what would admittedly NOT be legitimate reasons.  Or lie.  And as far as I’m concerned, lying about training runs is just like cheating at solitaire. Sad and pointless.

Ok, so week 1.  Again, for this season I’m training using the Hansons Marathon Method (beginner plan) and have I set up my training schedule with the goal of running a 4:18 race in Chicago.  This will be a 37 minute improvement from my time last year, which isn’t an unreasonable goal, but it sure as poop isn’t going to be an easy one to achieve.  The first five weeks of the plan is basically just building up mileage with what is termed as “easy runs.”  Easy runs are basically the days you get in mileage for endurance but you take it at slower pace.  Since these are more key as easy runs when you’re doing speed/strength work, I set my easy run pace a little higher for the first five weeks.

Week 1 Runs:   10 Miles Planned with target pace 10:00 – 10:15.  I logged 10.1 miles:

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 5.53.08 AM

So, I’m definitely a morning runner.  My energy is highest in the morning and I also hate, hate, hate running in the heat.  But, this week my Saturday and Sunday runs were in the late afternoon/early evening – partially because I told myself I need to get used to running in the heat again but mostly (if I’m going to be honest) because I didn’t want to get up early to run over the weekend.   Saturday I only got 2 miles in outside (it was 93 degrees and hooomid) and I ended up doing the last mile inside on the treadmill.  Sunday was mid-80’s and wasn’t as bad.   However I think I’ll be getting up early this coming week.

Week 1 Workouts:  I am a strong believer in cross-training – so this week was two gym workouts with my trainer (1 hour each) along with some cardio.  I feel my trainer was especially hard on me this week.  I can always tell it’s a good workout if I’m irrationally angry at him for making me work so hard and the amount of profanity that comes out of my mouth during the workout.  Let me tell you, the f-bomb came out this week.  But when it’s all said and done, I’m glad he pushes me so hard and I’m feeling strong.

Week 1 Diet:  I’m not really worried about fueling or running specific diet just quite yet.  I am doing a sugar detox right now – basically, this is a very strict version of a paleo diet.  No dairy, no wine, no added sugars of any kind (even the ones I normally eat), no wine, only one green tipped banana (or approved fruit) a day, no wine – I think that covers the general gist of it.  Did I mention I can’t have wine?  Seriously, the 21 Day Sugar Detox is something I’ve done before and it really helps my focus and discipline.  I honestly had been a little lax on my workouts and diet so far in 2016 and I felt that I needed to throw myself “all in” this week to make sure I got a good start.

I’ve also been eating a little “lighter” lately.  Very little red meat and no bacon or pork *gasp*.   But I think I’m over this trend.  If I’m going to give up wine and chocolate, I’m eating my damn bacon.

Week 1 Hydration:  Yes, I track my water consumption – there’s totally an app for that! Seriously, they keep telling me that hydration is pretty important and when I get busy during the day, I forget to drink water.  My target water consumption during training is 101 ounces of water a day and I find the only way that gets it down the hatch is if I keep track of it.  This week was 6 out of 7 – I didn’t quite get enough water in on the first day.


Week 1 Supplements/Fueling:  I did also start back up with taking supplements and multivitamins this week.  L-carnitine, l-glutamine, BCAAs (branched chain amino acids), creatine, fish-oil tablets, grass-fed whey protein, and collagen peptides (I invented collagen coffee this week – it’s actually pretty good.)  I’ll probably do a blog explaining why I’m taking all of these..especially because as I just typed them all out, it does seem like a lot.


And…that’s week 1.  Feeling good about this start.  And I’m also feeling REALLY good about my rest day today.  Hope that for anyone reading this who’s training, your week went as well, too!






Running for Medals. And Bacon.

4 thoughts on “Marathon Training – Week 1

  1. Really enjoyed reading your blog. Your training and your good eating are very motivating. Keep up the good work.

  2. Yay – great first week. SO glad you’re doing Hansons so we’re on the same schedule. It makes it much easier in my opinion 🙂 I’m voting for a post explaining your supplements – because even though you explained them to me in person, I’ve already forgotten some of that 🙂 Loving the blog!

    1. Agreed about the Hansons schedule and I’m looking forward to seeing how this training season will be different than last year. Definitely planning on a blog about supplements in the near future. We actually never got to finish that convo as to why (the run ended.). 🙂 thanks for coming to check out the blog!

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